Two face manslaughter charge for death of Dane’s Thai wife

Police investigation into the November 1 fatal assault of the Thai wife of a Danish expat in the central province of Uthai Thani has apparently been fast-tracked after the Danish Embassy in Thailand stepped in to help a distraught Palle Jensen formally press charge against their alleged attackers. policstation

A police investigator at Khao Bang Kraek police station in Nong Chang district of Uthai Thani familiar with the case, told ScandAsia in a telephone interview that two alleged assailants had already been charged with manslaughter for serious head injuries sustained by Palle Jensen’s wife, Pim, that led to her death at a local hospital on November 3.

“Based on the statement [given by Palle Jensen], two men have been charged with manslaughter,” said the police who asked not to be named. “We will also be summoning four or five eyewitnesses for questioning as well.”

It was not clear whether the two suspects had already been arrested by police.

The police officer said depending on eyewitness accounts and evidence, investigators may level additional charges against either or both of the two men, one of whom hit the wife in the head with a stick while the other was moving toward the husband-and-wife couple in a threatening manner.

53-year-old Palle Jensen and his Thai wife Pim were on Saturday 1. November 2014 attacked by members of her in-law family while staying in the house of other family members.

According to the Dane, the older brother of the wife’s brother-in-law turned up in an agitated state with his father carrying a large bamboo stick. Palle said he was told by his wife that the older brother-in-law had previously assaulted her sexually while Palle was in Denmark.

It was the father of her in-laws that hit Pim with a stick in the head. Police said they were trying to look into other motives, if any, for the fatal attack.


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