Feel Secure as You Travel

Life is stressful, and that is why you deserve a vacation.  However, with the wrong approach, your vacation can be more stressful than just going about life as usual.  One of the biggest stressors for travelers is feeling safe while they are away from home.  If this is a concerns for you, there are measures you can take to give yourself some peace of mind so you can relax as you travel.

Stay safe when traveling. The place to go to get this peace of mind is your local locksmith.  Yes, this is probably an unexpected resource for us to suggest; most of us only know locksmiths as the people we call when we lock ourselves out of our house or car are when we need a spare key made.  However, they are often security experts in addition to being knowledgeable with locks.  Below are some of the ways your local licensed Arizona locksmith company can help you feel secure as you travel.


Explain the Basics of Your Hotel’s Security


They say that knowledge is power.  In this case, knowledge is the power to feel safe while you are traveling.  The more you understand about your hotel’s security, the more empowered you will feel.  The first step you must take is contacting the hotel to find out what types of locks they use and other security measures they offer.  You can then approach your local locksmith about how secure these measures truly are.

If, on the other hand, you have not booked a hotel yet, you could ask your locksmith about what types of security measures you should look for in a hotel.  This will make it easier on you since you will be able to book the safest hotel possible without needing to take additional measures on your own.


Offer Additional Security Measures


But, if you have already booked your hotel and feel it isn’t as secure as it could be, your locksmith can still help you.  As noted above, many locksmiths are general security experts.  Because of this, they tend to have items for sale that go improve your security at home and on the go.

What additional security measures can they offer?  There are so many different options; below are just a few that many locksmiths offer.

  • Travel alarm systems that can be placed on doors and windows.
  • Door bars designed to prevent the door from opening into the room.
  • Door stops that both stop the door from opening and sound an alarm when someone attempts to open the door.
  • Travel lockboxes that can be used to keep your items secure in addition to the room safe.
  • Personal alarms that you can sound if you feel unsafe while out and about.
  • Special bags that cannot be cut for an easy slash and grab.
  • Hidden safes designed to look like ordinary items. 


Give You General Tips


Locksmiths have pretty much seen it all, so their experience allows them to give you great advice for staying safe in general and while traveling.  When you stop in, ask them for some general tips.  

What might these tips include?  Expect things regarding your general awareness of your surroundings, keeping your valuables spread out in the room rather than in one place, keeping the most important items in the room safe, and leaving whatever you can at home.

However, a lot of their tips will likely be focused not on securing yourself while traveling, but securing your home while you are away, as that is where you are truly the most vulnerable.  

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