Financial advice now available for Danish companies – free of charge

In order to make it easier for Danish companies to get an overview of the information about the available sources of financing, the Danish Trade Council has recently appointed a Regional Financial Advisor.

The regional advisor will provide free-of-charge advice to Danish companies in Southeast Asia, Danish exporters with an interest in the region, Danish companies with local suppliers or partners etc.

Senior Commercial Officer Nippon Mukdasathien from the Embassy in Bangkok will undertake this new responsibility by assisting Danish companies in establishing the possibilities for financing from Danish financial institutions, public as well as private, and in combination with local sources of funding.

The purpose of the Embassy’s new advisor role is to strengthen Danish companies’ knowledge of and access to export and investment financing which includes equity funding, loans, guarantee schemes, support, etc.

For more information, please contact Nippon Mukdasathien at email [email protected], cc: [email protected] or telephone +66 (0) 2343 1122.


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