Finland, Malaysia expect to reap free trade windfall

The Malaysia-European Union Free Trade Agreement (MEUFTA), which is expected to come to fruition in 2014, will grant trade opportunities between Finland and Malaysia, said Finland’s Ambassador to Malaysia Matti Pullinen.Finland_ambassador

“For us, the Europeans, the main target which we have been working on, is that we should have a free trade agreement (FTA) between Malaysia and the European Union as quickly as possible,” Pullinen told SunBiz in an interview at the Embassy of Finland recently.

The MEUFTA will provide free movement of goods and services as well as the protection of intellectual property, while a stable and forward-looking economic environment will also encourage more investment, said Pullinen, 65, who started his term as ambassador in Kuala Lumpur at the beginning of September 2012. The agreement is expected to give tax-free access between Malaysia and the EU.

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