Finland’s Jongla mobile messaging app targets SE Asia

Finnish mobile messaging company Jongla has launched what it says is the lightest ever instant messaging app.

Jongla CEO Riku Salminen.
Jongla CEO Riku Salminen.

Jongla Lite is a new 2.7MB version of the Jongla cross-platform instant messaging app designed for regions with limited telecommunications infrastructure and for devices with limited memory.

Engineering innovations have made Jongla Lite on Android around 15 per cent of the size of its nearest competitor and a tenth of the size of the average instant messaging app.

Jongla believes the new version of the app will be particulary attractive in markets such as India and South East Asia where low cost phones are commonplace and there is limited access to 3G and 4G networks.

“Jongla Lite is the first of a number of ground-breaking product developments we plan for 2015,” says Jongla CEO Riku Salminen.

“It has been designed for markets in South East Asia where we have a significant and growing user base already and India, where we see huge potential demand for high quality instant messaging.”

The company believes the new version of the app will also appeal to younger users across the world, who often have low specification phones.

In the weeks prior to the launch of Jongla Lite, the company has increased speed, security and capacity of the network through infrastructure upgrades and a move to an increased number of servers distributed around the world. Jongla’s infrastructure can now support up to 320 million users.

The company has also announced plans for a further funding round with existing, and potentially new, investors designed to enable it to accelerate global marketing and monetization plans and on-going research and development.

Jongla is available to download for free from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and Firefox Marketplace.

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