Finn wins Miss Bikini Fitness in Pattaya

Only one year ago, Finnish Linda Suomela Hemangkorn jumped out of her comfort zone and started to train with heavy weights. Last month, she won gold in a muscle and physique contest.

Linda and her two boys
Linda and her two boys

“It was an incredible experience, and I am eager to compete again,” Finnish Linda Suomela Hemangkorn says.

Recently, she won the Miss Bikini Fitness Competition in Pattaya.

During both of her pregnancies, Linda gained weight. When her two boys started in school last year she decided it was time to focus on her health.

She started working out with a personal trainer and saw immediately results when they started exercising with heavy weights which she had never done before.

Linda also started paying more attention to her food trying to eat clean most of the time and planning her meals ahead. She got so into the training and lifestyle that she decided to become a certified personal trainer to learn more for her own sake and to help others, especially helping other women feel more comfortable using weights.

Linda started working out at True Fitness in Asoke where other bikini contestants also work out. She saw and heard their stories about the competitions and thought to herself that maybe one day she could compete as well.


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