Finnair join forces with Finnish Hong Kong-chef

Hong Kong local and Finnish masterchef, Jaako Sorsa, of FINDS Restaurant & Bar is the man behind Finnair’s new signature dishes for the Hong Kong-Helsinki business class service.

Inspired by contemporary Finnish traditions and authentic Nordic taste, Finnair created the new menu in partnership with Executive Chef Jaakko Sorsa of FINDS Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong. This is the first Asian-based chef cooperation for Finnair, and the first cooperation designed for a specific long-haul route. Established in 2004, FINDS gets its name from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and the restaurant is the only Nordic restaurant in Hong Kong.

Chef Sorsa is known for his clean and honest flavors, and his “Finnish Traditions” menu for Finnair features best-loved ingredients such as porcinis, morels, lingonberries, salmon, barley, potatoes, carrots, meatballs and yellow beetroot, and applies traditional cooking and preserving methods, such as smoking, curing and pickling.

“FINDS is the latest step in our already established cooperation with top chefs. With this cooperation, we want to honor our roots, and bring the best of Nordic flavours to the customers of our Hong Kong route. Even if the majority of our customers flying from Hong Kong are connecting to Finnair’s broad network of around 70 destinations in Europe, they can enjoy a taste of Finland on board,” said Maarit Keränen, Head of In-flight Service, Finnair.

Finnair started its signature cooperation program in 2013, and has since then worked with chefs from top Finnish restaurants in creating a series of signature menus for Finnair’s long-haul flights departing from Helsinki.

The dishes are to be served on board Finnair’s Hong Kong flights starting 4 February.

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