Finnish education know-how promoted in Hong Kong, China

The Minister of Education of Finland, Ms. Sanni Grahn-Laasonen and a Finnish Business Delegation visited the People’s Republic of China; Beijing and Hong Kong SAR on 9- 12 October 2017.

Ms Sanni Grahn-Laasonen is the first Finnish Minister of Education and Science having visited Hong Kong. Her action packed program on October 11 contained a meeting with Secretary for Education Mr. Kevin Yeung, press conference, a luncheon with higher education representatives, a business seminar and an evening reception. The underlying idea of her tour in Beijing and Hong Kong was to intensify governmental, academic and business links. A large official and business delegation, representing all aspects of Finnish know-how in the field of teaching and learning, accompanied the Minister.

The Education Seminar in honour of the first visit of the Minister of Education of Finland and a Business Delegation to Hong Kong received a great response, reported the Finnish Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong
In the delegation programme Minister of Education of Finland thanked their hosts and partners in the People’s Republic of China for the keen interest in Finnish education excellence and expanding cooperation possibilities in the field.

“Over the decades, both China and Finland have made big leaps in providing high quality education for all citizens. China and Finland, we both share the idea that education and knowledge is the key to future and prosperity.”

“I feel confident in saying that good quality education has played a major role in transforming Finland into a modern and advanced society, what it is today. Finnish education system is built upon the principles of providing equal opportunities for all, maintaining a high professionalism for teachers as well as promoting lifelong learning,” Sanni Grahn-Laasonen
continued. “Learner-centred approaches and wellbeing of students are at the heart of our system. Also, advanced learning technologies offer new insights to learning in the future.”

“Nowadays, Finland is seen one of the most innovative countries in the world for its forward-looking and successful educational initiatives. The same strong commitment to improve education for the benefit of the country is very visible in China too. Therefore, I am looking forward to discussing the future of education, exchanging views and expertise with you and your leaders. Today, more than before, it is important to share our thoughts, ideas, practices and beliefs on what works and what does not.”

Sanni Grahn-Laasonen mentioned that with distinguished colleagues from all over the world she has met they speak the same language when it comes to improving their education sectors and systems for the benefit of their society and people.

“It gives me great pleasure to visit China. I am arriving with a highly professional delegation, representing rectors from our higher education institutions, well-experienced education experts, members from education consultancy and technology companies, and from my own administration.

“Our universities and universities of Applied Sciences offer cooperation in various fields of sciences, study opportunities for degree programs and teacher training programs focusing on research informed knowledge on learning. Our education system specialists have the expertise in expanding access, openness and flexibility in education systems for meeting the needs of tomorrow’s society and business life as well as wellbeing of our children. Our Technology companies showcase delivery tools for latest education resources and up-to-date learning.

“Finland is ready to continue partnering with China in various fields ranging from education, social and health services to digital technology. I can only highlight the importance of knowing better each other and sharing of our existing experiences and practices. This will help us both in our work towards making a better future for all of us.“

The delegation programme also presented: Why Finland?
“Finland has a long track record at the top of the world rankings. Guaranteed, China can benefit from our expertise in its enhancement of education. World-leading teacher training and curriculum development in the field of education, teacher education and training is currently one of the most sought areas of expertise from Finland. Our higher education institutions offer a wide range of degree programs, training courses and modules to enhance the abilities of teachers and other education professionals. The tailor-made programs focus on improving knowledge and practical skills, and are delivered in a variety of ways: as e-learning/m-learning programs, lectures, workshops, mentoring sessions, intensive training and study visits.

“Our expertise in curriculum development helps to create an education system in which students are able to achieve their full potential. Harnessing the digital transformation Finland enjoys one of the most advanced and expansive applications of digital technology in education consisting of formal as well as extracurricular learning through technology. Finnish EdTech companies combine world-class pedagogical expertise with innovative solutions.

“Cloud-based e-learning platforms and infrastructure solutions, assessment systems, educational games and software, digital learning content and other solutions play a major role in bringing down costs and engaging learners in new and innovative ways. Attractive and motivating learning environments Schools in Finland benefit from architecture, classroom design, furniture and lighting that are sound, safe and generally conducive for a positive learning environment.


“The physical environment is one of the key ingredients making the Finnish education system a global leader. Innovative school buildings and classroom design enables multifunctional learning and encourages students to do their best. There are new developments and advances in hybrid learning environments, combining the physical and digital spheres.”

Photo credit
Finnish Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, Consulate General of Finland in Hong Kong and Macau

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