Finnish kids TV series watched by over 30 million in China and Asia

Finnish Dibitassut, the children’s TV series based on animation characters created by children, has gained over 30 million viewers in China and elsewhere in Asia.


The same animation characters will soon appear also on Dibischool, an English language school targeted to children. The language school will be available also on the internet and mobile devices.

Futruecode, the producer of Dibitassut, and the Finnish language training company Promentor Solutions have partnered to launch new language school first on Chinese and Finnish markets.

According to Promentor Solutions, the two companies have chosen to target Chinese markets because the families there are willing to invest in children’s education and English lessons. Also Finland’s reputation as a quality education provider is a helping factor to launch this kind of services abroad.

Promentor Solutions is a Finnish family enterprise which specializes in language training with a network of hundreds of language teachers. The company also produces web-based language teaching programs. Futurecode is a company specialized in creativity education, and it has a worldwide network of creative people.



2 Comments on “Finnish kids TV series watched by over 30 million in China and Asia”

  1. I hope that the next target market would be Thailand in Thai
    language.It would be needed !

  2. Yes Finns know how to entertain Asian kids as they have same kind of humour as their own kids! Besides it is educational in such way that it gives a good message to children how to behave.

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