Finnish Lahti Symphony Orchestra to mark a Lahti Day in China

The Lahti Symphony Orchestra, conducted by its chief conductor Okko Kamu will visit China in December 2012.

The Lahti Symphony Orchestra (Sinfonia Lahti) has been referred to in the press as a ‘small-town wonder’.

The first concert will be on 12 December at the new opera house, Wuxi Grand Theatre, which is designed by a Finnish architectural design firm PES-Architects. Wuxi is a city with around six million inhabitants in the Shanghai region, and according to an agreement done in 2010 it is a twin-city of Lahti.

The other four concerts are on 15-17 December in Dalian, which is situated in the northeastern China in the Liaodong peninsula on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

Dalian has also around six million inhabitants and it has been called e.g. ‘Hong Kong of the North’. The concert venue in Dalian is a brand new concert and congress centre, Dalian International Conference Center, designed by a Viennese architectural design firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. The programme consists mainly of Jean Sibelius’s music (e.g. the works En saga and Karelia Overture).

The Lahti Symphony Orchestra has visited China twice earlier, in 2005 with Osmo Vänskä and in 2009 with Okko Kamu. The concerts in 2009 were in Shanghai, in Suzhou and in Beijing (Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts). There were altogether more than 5.300 people in the four concerts.

A Lahti Day in Wuxi
In connection of the concert in Wuxi, the celebration of a Lahti Day will be arranged. The programme includes a Lahti-themed photo exhibition and a cooperative business seminar of environmental technology with around 15 Finnish companies involved.

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