Finnish man falls to his death from condominium

A Finnish man died in the early hours of this morning, Thursday 9 January 2014 from falling from the 28th floor of a condominium in Bangkok, reports Thai media.

Pol Lt Annop Sinsuebphol identified as Mika Uha Aalholm, 44, from Finland, the owner of the condominium Unit 791.

Police investigators from Bang Phlad Police Station found an unconscious Thai man, Pridi Boonmongkol, 41, who they said were visible drunk, beside Aalholm’s body. Pridi, with serious cuts on his left wrist, had been arguing in the apartment with Aalholm and broke a glass window in desperation after which the latter jumped from the balcony. Mr. Pridi had then rushed down to where Aalholm’s body landed, in a miniature garden on the 5th floor of luxury condo complex, where he passed out with grief.

Investigators questioned Sko Kallervo, 49, a Finnish partner who was married to Aalholm, in the room, where police found traces of blood believed to belong to the Thai man.

Kallervo said he had been living with Aalholm, a resident of Thailand, since Aalholm bought the condo in 2008. Kallervo said Aalholm had just been diagnosed with cancer and the Thai man had been keeping his company while he was off working as bartender on a cruise ship.

According to Kallervo, Pridi came back to the condo shortly before the incident intoxicated. Aalholm and Pridi then engaged in an argument during which Pridi put his left fist through the glass window. Then, according to Kallervo, Aalholm jumped off the balcony to his death.

Police investigators gathered evidence, but have yet to conclude definitively how Aalholm fell off the balcony.

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  1. This site focuses too much on dirty laundry as if murders, shootings and beatings are our every day life here for expats. I may un subscribe soon?

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