Finnish pine wood attracts interest in tropical Philippines

Having participated in the recently held Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition or more popularly known as Worldbex, the country’s largest building and construction industry exhibition featuring local and international companies, a group of local Filipino and Finnish construction engineers are ready to answer Filipinos’ demand for top quality sustainable wood products and building solutions. 3.7.2012 Helsinki, Kampin kappeli. Kuva Matti Matikainen

In 2008 the company Arctic-Forest Products, Inc., located in Quezon City, was born. Wood from Finland is an alternative to the regularly used local hardwood because it comes from durable pine trees grown in the arctic conditions of Finland. The most common native tree in Finland, Scots Pine has already begun to alleviate our tropical country’s challenges when it comes to wood requirements in the construction industry.

Wood from Finland is suitable for wood requirements in the Philippines because of its inherent durability, thus providing the best value for whatever type of wood or lumber requirement. Arctic-Forest Products has provided many solutions in the Philippines to meet commercial, residential, and furniture industry needs, as showcased on their website. They have branded this imported wood from Finland as finnwood.

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