Finnish pork to increase on the Chinese dinner tables

The Finnish pork producer Atria is slowly climbing into the biggest pork-consumer in the world, China.

In the past eight months Atria has exported 3.000 tons of raw pork, but it is expected to rise to 5.000 tons in the coming twelve months.

But that all depends on how the people of China receives the Finnish pork:

“Everything from the Chinese food culture we need to understand, so that our products are suitable for that kitchen,” CEO Juha Grohn told the Chinese paper Xinhua.

And Atria has recently opened new departments designed especially for the Chinese costumers in terms of steering systems and the packing department.

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And the Scandinavian countries seem to be making an impact on the Chinese market. Only a few weeks ago the Danish meat company Tulip announced that they had finally reached a clearance to begin exports to China as well.

On top of that, the parent company, Danish Crown, is constructing a factory close to Shanghai with an opening in the summer of 2019.

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