Finnish-Singaporean gaming company bags large investors

Nonstop Games, a Singaporean-Finnish gaming company just picked up $2.9 million from two Scandinavian venture firms, Creandum and Lifeline Ventures, to build out core games for iOS and Android.

“We are extremely excited to be supported by world class investors in our mission to build the next generation of free-to-play games for touch devices,” says Juha Paananen, CEO and Co-Founder of Nonstop Games.

Nonstop Games was founded in 2011 by a team of industry veterans who have launched over 50 titles across mobile, Facebook, PC, and console platforms. Nonstop Games has offices in Finland, Singapore and San Francisco.

“Our aim is to make games people can live, not just play. We want to create immersive experiences that are tailor-made for tablet and mobile. Heroes of Honor will be the first title to show this,” adds Henric Suuronen, President and Co-Founder.

Henric Suuronen was a head of studio at one of Europe’s biggest social gaming companies Wooga, and a director at Digital Chocolate Finland before that. The company’s CEO, Juha Paananen, does not have a long gaming career, but he previously ran Asia-Pacific business development for Nokia out of Singapore so he has lots of experience working in the mobile industry.

With the funds, the company will launch its first game, a synchronous strategy title called Heroes of Honor, later this spring. It’s a fantasy world with three different factions fighting for power.

Paananen said he chose Singapore in part because of its strategic location in Asia, which has been a pioneering region for free-to-play games.

He added, “The other reason is talent. Singapore is still an emerging startup hub. The gaming community is not so established here but you can hire really, really smart people.”


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