Finnish Tourists in lovers’ spat in Pattaya

Police were called to a Hotel in North Pattaya on Thursday Morning to investigate reports of an injured Tourist in the Hotel Lobby area, who was in considerable pain and showed visible signs of injury, Pattaya One News reported.

Police arrived and spoke with Mr. Eero Juhani Jäntti aged 50. He had a serious laceration to his head and his clothes were ripped as if he had been involved in a fight. He told Police that 2 days before the incident he met a fellow Finn, known only as “Katy” also aged 50 and was invited to stay with her in her room at the Thai City Palace Hotel in Soi 4 off Pattaya Second Road.

Their new relationship was going well until Mr. Jäntti met a Thai Woman. “Katy” asked him to leave the Hotel room on Thursday morning and a fight broke out between the pair, during which time he was injured and is also accused of attempting to steal the room safe.

Initially the Hotel manager saw Mr. Jäntti stagger to a nearby convenience store and he then returned to the lobby. It was confirmed he was not a registered guest at the Hotel.

With no money to pay for medical treatment, rescue services were called-in to bandage the head wound and “Katy” decided to take the case no further.


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