Finnish TV will hit China

China will launch Nordic TV in China in a cooperation with a Finnish operator and is also producing episodes about the Finnish film industry.

The Finnish operator Elisa will bring television about the Nordics to China. Photo: Elisa

Finnish telecommunications company Elisa has partnered with China Broadcasting and Television Media (CBM) to bring Nordic TV to Chinese households. Nordic TV is a subscriber video-on-demand service that contains Nordic films, TV series, sports, variety shows and documentaries.

“The Nordic lifestyle and nature are of interest to Chinese consumers. In partnership with Elisa, we can offer our customers a new kind of content that stands out from other TV shows. Our goal is to build Nordic TV a nationwide brand”, says Chen Kai, General Manager of CBM.

The agreement between Elisa and CBM presents Nordic TV with access to 245 million cable TV households in China. Elisa and CBM are aiming to develop Nordic TV into a nationwide brand in China, starting in selected provinces of China later in 2018.

The cooperation is not the only tv-project between Finland and China going on in the moment.
Chinese state-owned television broadcaster China Central Television is producing five episodes about the Finnish film industry, according to Good News Finland.

The episodes are produced for World Film Report series, which is a tv-serie that gives informations about local film and culture. The episodes about Finland are set to air in October 2018.

In order to make the episodes the production crew toured Finland for 10 days in August. They visited Tampere, Turku, Kuusamo, Oulu and Helsinki. The episodes will feature new Finnish film and take a look at Finnish culture through Santa Claus, Moomins and Angry Birds.

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