Bangkok’s first Danish hotdog stand just opened


A new hotdog stand selling Danish hotdogs opened on Thonglor Friday the 7th November. It is the real deal with sausages, remoulade and roasted onions imported from Denmark.

The newest food-truck on Bangkok is called Foodstop and it is marketing the traditional Danish hotdog as a unique and selfie-worthy speciality in Thailand. But don’t worry the taste is unmistakably original.

The traditional Danish hotdog consists of bun, pork sausage, chopped onions, roasted onions, pickled cucumber, ketchup, mustard and remoulade, a Danish variant of mayonnaise that contains small chunks of pickled vegetables. Foodstop has opted for the Graasten Remoulade, a smooth tasting brand that is one of the most popular Denmark.

With all this garnishing, it is an art to look elegant while eating a Danish hotdog. It is especially hard because Danes will often eat the hotdog standing, as it is consumed as a quick snack bought from a van. In this way the Foodstop concept stays true to the Danish heritage, the hotdogs are made in a van and even though Foodstop has a couple of folding chairs you might as well try your luck and eat the thing standing.

The traditional Danish hotdog is not the only speciality on the card, you can get the classic and simpler French Hot Dog too. Do not get fooled by the name – a French hotdog is a Danish thing and consists of a grilled sausage in a baguette with French Hotdog Dressing, in this case from Danish sauce maker Bähncke.

Unique taste 

At first Foodstop wanted to introduce red Danish sausages to Thailand, but due to a ban on artificially colored sausages the plan was trashed. Instead they sell the naturally colored and arguably better roasted sausage or pork nail as it is called in Danish hotdog slang.

Duangkamol Vephula Waagensen is the owner of Foodstop.  She goes by Prae and runs the online cooking show Prae’s Kitchen that has 50.000 followers. Prae was in Denmark for the first time 5 years ago when she discovered the Danish hotdog. Even though there is already plenty of places to get a hotdog in Bangkok, Prae thinks the traditional Danish hotdog stands out.

“I love hotdogs and the Danish hotdog offers something different with its crispy skin, remoulade, chopped- and especially fried onions. We want to offer a unique food experience and I think we offer the best quality hotdog in town” Prae says.

While the quality is high, so is the price. Danish- or French hotdog costs THB 180, which is about the same as they charge at the hotdogstands in Denmark. But give it a try and remember fresh mints, nothing affects your breath like a real Danish hotdog.

You can find Foodstop at Thonglor Soi 15 in front of J Avenue every day between 11AM and 9PM. Or on Facebook

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