From Vietnam to Finland: “Finns aren’t that quiet”

Trung Nguyen showcasing Finnish values. Photo: Jirina Alanko

Entrepreneur and Vietnamese-born Trung Nguyen moved from Vietnam to Finland in 2004, where he today works as the founder and CEO of Reactron Technologies Oy. He has learned a lot of things about Finland since he came. Here are some of them, as expressed by My Helsinki.

First of all, Finns aren’t all that quiet, as they perhaps ought to be when researching about Finland online.

I had read on the web that Finns are quiet. When I first moved to Kuopio to study, I found out that people were very friendly, frank and helpful instead. It’s worth asking for help. Even if Finns should first say that they are busy, they will help you nevertheless,” Nguyen said.

And if one wishes to connect a little deeper with the Finns, Nguyen has the trick.

If you want to break the ice and get to know Finns better, ask them for a drink – it’s easier to chat over a drink!”

Finnish work values

Next, he explained how one should use the governmental support that is provided. After he started his own software company in 2019, he and his team were able to receive financial support from the Centre for Economic Development as well as Transport and the Environment and Business Finland. If the support exists, apply for it!

Speaking of work, respecting off-hours is another quality that Nguyen took a little time to understand. At first, as an entrepreneur, he would send out draft agreements to people late at night, until he was told, that this was not how it was done in the country. Since then he taught himself to time work-related emails to working hours only.

Lastly, despite perhaps being busy working as an entrepreneur, Nguyen values the well-organized educational system which makes is easy to care of one’s family life.

“As an entrepreneur, I’m very busy. Luckily my wife takes care of all matters related to family life. All information related to education, early childhood education and benefits can also be found online in Finland. Everything is very well organised, and the school system is magnificent,” he said.

I appreciate the fact that children are encouraged at school to use their heads and not only to give the right answer. I love it when my elder daughter tells me to give arguments to support my answers. This also teaches me to become a better salesman,” Nguyen concluded.

Read the rest of the interview by My Helsinki here.

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