Green Space exhibition in Singapore showcases Denmark’s sustainable practices.


Held on 23 April, the closing party for the 2013 Green Space exhibition at Space Asia Hub in Singapore concluded a successful two-week-long showcase of Denmark’s sustainable practices.

Organized by SPACE in collaboration with Cubes Indesign, this year’s Green Space exhibition explored Denmark’s ecological efforts and how they can be applied to Singapore.

The Ambassador, staff from the Trade Department and a group of Danish business professionals attended the reception of the 2013 Green Space exhibition.

Five local design and architecture companies made presentations of how Danish practices can be re-contextualised into everyday life in Singapore.


Space Furniture launched the initiative ‘Green Space’ in 2011 to raise awareness of the environmental impact of furniture manufacturing, and to develop public awareness on three areas that form Space’s philosophy in sustainability – namely quality of materials, standards of manufacture and durability of design

The organizers wrote about the event:

Global warming has become an increasingly important issue and a real concern for cities worldwide. No country is more aware of this than Denmark. Be it at the leadership or individual level, the Danes are at the forefront when it comes to both the practice and promotion of sustainable living.

The event was held in collaboration with Cubes Indesign and supported by the Royal Danish Embassy, Carlsberg, and Bang & Olufsen.

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