Green Sweden theme at career fair in China

The follow-up to the Swedish Career Fair that was successfully organized for the first time in 2015, is taking place in April, held in Beijing and Shanghai.

The inaugural fair created a forum for Swedish companies to reach both foreign and Chinese talents, and the response was overwhelmingly positive – with more than 80% of visitors stating that they would recommend the event to others in the future according to our survey.

The Swedish Career Fair will open its gates once again in April 2016, visiting Shanghai on 9 April, followed by Beijing on 24 April.

Throughout the job fair day a mix of large and small international Swedish companies will participate and present their opportunities within their organizations. The aim is to create a forum where Swedish companies can reach out to both foreign and Chinese talents, and potentially have tem join their organization in the future.


This year the theme Green Sweden will be presented (through seminars) – focusing on Swedish companies being world leaders in sustainable innovations and CSR-related activities. The seminars are to be held by high-level speakers parallel to the exhibition.

Swedish companies are world leaders in green innovations and in taking social responsibility on both local and global levels. Meet the companies that take a stand for future generations, and ask them how you too can become a part of creating something meaningful.

Sweden is consistently ranked as one of the most sustainable counties in the world. Swedish companies are global leaders in green innovation and in taking responsibility for their businesses, no matter where they go. The Swedish culture is influence by the abundance of untouched nature – with more than half of Sweden´s surface covered by lush forests. It is no wonder that preserving nature is important to the Swedish people and business. Sweden has a tradition of leading the way in sustainable development for China; with environmental technology being among our biggest exports to China. Take the opportunity to meet the companies that take a stand for the current and future generations. Ask them how you too can become a part of something meaningful!

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The event lasts a full day, and is free of charge for all visitors. In order to participate, you will have to register on

Join the Swedish Career Fair in China on the 9th of April between 10am to 5pm at the Four Seasons Hotel Puxi in Shanghai and on the 24th of April between 10am to 2pm at Rosewood Hotel in Beijing!

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