Greepeace stunt forces Lego to dump Shell co-promotion

LEGO just announced on October 9, it will NOT renew its contract with Shell, accused by the Greenpeace of destroying the Arctic. lego_shell_greenpeace

Greenpeace said: “This is a massive victory for the million people globally who called on LEGO to stop helping Shell look like a responsible and caring company – rather than a driller intent on exploiting the melting Arctic for more oil.”

But Shell still wants to drill in Alaska in 2015, according to Greenpeace, which vows to continue to campaign against the oil giant to protect the Arctic.

The Local Denmark said: “In a true demonstration of the power of a viral video, Lego has decided it will not renew it collaboration with oil company Shell after a Greenpeace video about the partnership racked up nearly six million views”.

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