HCMC Dane will donate your used toys and clothes

A retiring Dane, Flemming Undercover Johannesen, will as his first job after his retirement will be to collect clothes and toys to Fader Khuong, Bien Hoa to support the poor people in Baria, Can Tho, Dalat etc.

Flemming encourages you all to open your old cupboards and drawers and pull out clothes and toys, which your family have not used for a while. For the convenience of everybody, he has made an arrangement with Jane & Thomas at La Habana, 6, Cao Ba Quat Street ( between Thai Van Lung/Thi Sach) who have been so nice to accept to receive your bags with used toys and clothes.

“Please bring your bags to La Habana from Nov 23 to Dec 5 2015; – together can we do a difference for poor people in Vietnam,” says Flemming Johannesen.

Flemming  adds that he will visit the villages, where they will receive the donations, with Fader Khuong and take pictures and write an article to ScandAsia showing all the happy faces, when your toys and clothes are handed over.

Donation to poor people

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