Heartbroken ‘farang’ man attempts to jump off of hotel

Lumpini police saved the life of a 38-year-old Finnish man, who attempted to jump off of Honey Hotel on Soi Sukhumvit 19 in Wattana district on Monday September 2.


The man, later identified as Nika Antero Jokinen, was standing alone and shirtless on the hotel’s balcony on the third floor when the cops arrived. Jokinen reportedly looked fatigue and was bleeding from his back and feet.

Police and a friend of Jokinen’s managed to calm him down in one hour before sending him to a hospital for physical treatment.

According to authorities, Jokinen has stayed at the hotel since Aug. 20 and recently broke up with a Thai woman, a situation that led to Jokinen’s suicide attempt. Police will inform the Finnish embassy about the incident, the Dailynews reported.


5 Comments on “Heartbroken ‘farang’ man attempts to jump off of hotel”

  1. He is lucky, it could have been worse and married one of these prostitutes and took her to Finland where she would have ended up with a Finnish passport and him with no money like most of the farang idiots do.

  2. What is it with these big burly scandihooligans, one little Thai girl makes them blub like babies.


  3. This man was not thinking with his big head, but his little head. they should have let him jump. The idiot

  4. The stupidity of come foreigners in Thailand never ceases. Apparently, that Thai (bar) girlfriend stayed with him, only until his money became smaller than a new “falang” offer.
    Welcome to Thailand, and the real world. Next time, be smart like the Russians. Bring a Finnish bargirl to Thailand. instead.

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