Help find the Danish business person of the year in China and Hong Kong

Last years winners Peter N. Rasmussen (Asia Base) and Jens Purup (Access People). Photo:
Last years winners Peter N. Rasmussen (Asia Base) and Jens Purup (Access People). Photo:

In order to find the best candidates, for the entrepreneur and business person of the year, Danish Chamber of Commerce in China and Hong Kong (DCCC and DCCHK) seeks help from the public.

The candidates do not have to be members of the Danish Chamber of Commerce but are chosen from following criteria:

Business Person of the Year
A nominee will have achieved significant results for his/her company and/or organization in China or Hong Kong preferably over a period of several years as well as in recent years.
A nominee has contributed to the understanding between Denmark and China/Hong Kong.
A nominee is respected in the Danish and Chinese business community.

Entrepreneur of the Year
A Danish or Chinese national, located in China or Hong Kong who has made a substantial mark with an important relevance to Denmark during the last year.
The mark could be from starting own company, influencing business, organizations, society or trends in China and/or Denmark.
The age of the candidate is not decisive, but young candidates should be favored. Likewise innovative and perspective business concepts are favored, and aspects of risk, potential and business complexity are evaluated.
The candidate could be a business person, creative person, scholar or an artist.

If you want to nominate someone, you please write [email protected] before 15th September. Winners and finalists will be celebrated at a gala party in Shanghai the 25th of October. Where the legendary old boys of Danish soft rock Big Fat Snake will be playing.

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