Hobbies: these are the top hobbies for Scandinavians

Probably, you didn’t expect that hobbies can be really different according to cultural roots. Actually, Chinese people don’t usually go out to play football with friends, while this is a top popular hobby for Italian people. This is just a simple example to show you that very often hobbies depend from the place where you are.

What about north Europe? It is commonly known for its very low temperature and cold weather – especially during the long and dark wind days. Actually, Scandinavians love to practice indoor hobbies and all those activities that don’t require to go out, except for the summer season when some warmer weather is often possible.

Indoor hobbies for Scandinavians

So, as said, Scandinavians prefer indoor hobbies. These include reading books, playing table game or card game and all those activities you can easily play inside home.  Card game

Among the most targeted and popular indoor hobbies, table games represent the top number one. Today, you don’t even need to have a friend to play because you can easily use the online table games. so, even if you are alone you can still have fun with a nice table game or card game.

Keep in mind that online games are not all the same: in fact, you should always verify that the online platform offering those games is regulated and legal.

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