Hong Kong New Year’s Eve with Jean Sibelius

With Finnish Executive Chef Jaakko Sorsa at the helm the for Nordic people in Hong Kong well-known restaurant FINDS is gearing up for a closing of 2015 of sorts! On the last day of 2015, the Nordic restaurant hosts a very unique event to commemorate the 150th birthday of Jean Sibelius, the greatest composer in Finnish history, as well as to welcome 2016 with live performance of Sibelius’ best known repertories.


The New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner with Sounds of Jean Sibelius comprises six exquisite dishes reflecting the taste of the patriotic musician, while live performance of Sibelius’ best known repertoires will allow guests to know more about this significant Finnish figure from different perspectives.

Letters, diaries, anecdotes from his friends and family revealed that Sibelius’ culinary taste was as sophisticated and rich as his music. The elegant night will begin with Oyster & Vendace Roe, Sibelius’ favourite starter, which always gave him satisfying bites before stepping onto rostrum. Smoked and Pounded Dry-aged Beef Striploin highlights the fragrant pickings from the forest in the summertime, where the master used to wander and create his symphonies. Then Salmon Soup “2016” in creamy Finnish style that the gourmet used to enjoy in Hotel Kämp Helsinki follows.

Sibelius loved nature and Finnish landscape was often served as the subject in his music. A note from his diary said “I forced myself and went foraging for mushrooms and it was wonderful to be in amidst the nature.”


After Arctic Blueberry Sorbet featuring the rare arctic berry actually name bilberry, the gala dinner proceed to the two options of main course. Glow-Fried Seabass Fillet Crusted with “Hapankorppu” – Rye Crisp was Sibelius creation apart from music. Guests will be treated with the same ingredients on Sibelius’ recipe and cooked by Executive Chef Jaakko Sorsa. At home, Sibelius and his family loved to eat traditional Finnish fare such as game meat. Alternative main course is Roasted Venison Fillet Seasoned with Finnish Lapland Matsutake, featuring extremely rare and pricey matsutake and accompanied by hasselbacka potatoes, a side dish the man requested for his wedding dinner.

A perfect end note will come with Aino Sibelius’ (wife of the great composer) inspirational dessert for her husband’s muse of music, “Kinuski” Caramel & Apple Tart.

This unique dining experience will be served from 6:30pm on December 31 with live string quartet performance.


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