Hong Kong security chief declines to say if there’s an arrest order on Danish artist

Chris Tang, Secretary for Security in Hong Kong, has responded to reporters’ questions about the alleged arrest order on Danish artist, Jens Galschiøt.

“Arrest operations conducted by Hong Kong law enforcement are based on facts, evidence and relevant laws,” said Chris Tang at a media briefing on Sunday, August 27.

At the briefing, Hong Kong’s security minister said, that he wouldn’t tell a thief if he planned to arrest him.

Sing Tao reported earlier this month that Hong Kong’s police planned to arrest Galschiøt if he travelled to the city. The authorities may also invoke Article 55 to transfer the artist to mainland China for trial, the report read.

When Tang was asked if the Hong Kong authorities had been in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, he responded by saying he could not comment on individual cases.

Source: hongkongfp.com

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