How to Avoid Being Victim of Cybercrime in Singapore

Did you know that in January of 2019, more than 1.76 billion personal information records of individuals were leaked and released in multiple breaches and hacking attempts made around the world? With the rise of online hacking, identity theft, and data breaches, it is no wonder that so many today have genuine concerns about their privacy and safety wherever they are online.

If you are a citizen or tourist in Singapore, there are a few steps you can take to minimize and eliminate your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. Using a few tips, learn how to avoid being a victim of cybercrime in Singapore while significantly increasing the amount of security and protection you have while using the internet.

With a better understanding of how to browse the internet safely and securely along with the best VPN in Singapore, maximize your protection without disruptions and/or distractions to take away from your online experience.

Minimizing Your Risk of Becoming the Target of a Hacker or Online Thief

Nearly half of all cyberattacks are deemed malicious and with negative intent, which is why so many millions of internet users experience hacking and identity theft each year. While it is not always possible to avoid a hacking attempt or an identity theft attack, there are a few ways you can help to minimize your risk of becoming the target of a hacker, data thief, or identity theft. Regardless of whether you live in Singapore or if you are there on business or on vacation, keep these tips in mind to help minimize your risk of becoming a target of any type of online or digital thief:

  • Never connect to and use free wireless internet connections, even if you do not intend to check your bank account or log in to any specific website using personal credentials, email addresses, or passwords that are personal to you. If you must use a free wireless internet connection, be sure to do so as quickly as possible and only with anonymous websites.
  • Only use wireless internet connections that are trustworthy and reliable. Research various hotspots and local connections with the use of a public computer if possible to determine which access points are the safest and less likely to become a target of a hacker or an online theft.
  • If you are visiting Singapore as a tourist or guest, avoid wearing flashy jewelry and bright colors, as this can signal to thieves and hackers that you are a tourist or that you are a viable target, depending on the area of Singapore you are staying in. Even if you are offline and visiting Singapore locally, it is still possible to become a target of an online hacker or thief if you stand out in public.
  • Whenever you are traveling abroad and internationally, use email addresses and other information that will not link back to your personal information or accounts in your home country.

Tips on How to Avoid Being a Victim of Cybercrime in Singapore

Avoiding becoming the victim of cybercrime is not always easy, nor is it always possible. However, using these tips while access the internet or browsing the web can significantly minimize your risk of becoming a target while stopping hackers and online thieves in their tracks:

  • Only connect to secure web connections and connections that have been verified or provided to you by your hotel or accommodations. If necessary, use connections in your Singapore workplace, but keep in mind that your identity and IP address are not secured or protected whenever you are online.
  • Do not use free or public internet connections, regardless of your IT knowledge or your ability to protect yourself at home.
  • Do not give out personal information to strangers and those you meet on the streets, even if you believe them to be trustworthy.
  • Do not share your hotspot connections or your wireless internet connection with anyone, as they may also be an online thief or hacker.
  • Do not visit locations that are known for high crime or cyberattacks.
  • Avoid entering personal and sensitive information such as email addresses, addresses, names, phone numbers, and passwords when connected to a public or free wireless internet network.

Using a VPN

One of the best ways to add a layer of protection to yourself whenever you are online and browsing the internet in Singapore without putting yourself at risk of becoming a target or a victim of cybercrime is to invest in a VPN. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool used by millions of individuals across the world to access and browse the internet safely, securely, and completely anonymously. You can download here to start using premium VPN service.

Using a VPN is often considered one of the best ways to mask and protect your identity online, which is especially important if you are traveling to Singapore on business or visiting on vacation as a tourist, as tourists and visitors are most likely to become a target of a local hacker or online thief in Singapore itself.

Advantages of Using a VPN in Singapore

Using a VPN is not only easy and completely secure, but it is also one of the most accessible tools that are also affordable for anyone, regardless of your household’s budget. Most VPN services cost as little as just a couple of dollars each month to $10 per month, depending on the type of VPN you require as well as specific features you are looking for with the VPN you choose for yourself. Some of the most notable advantages and benefits of using a VPN for personal and business purposes include:

  • Increased safety while browsing: Having a working VPN in place while you are browsing the internet is a way to enjoy increased safety and security. VPNs provide complete and total anonymity for users, which allows you to access any website, stream any content, or download any file without putting your personal IP address, name, and the location at risk for exposure or vulnerability.
  • Anonymity: Are you tired of being tracked and monitored by website owners, tech corporations, and even your ISP or local and national government whenver you are online? With the use of a VPN, eliminate the risk of sharing your personal information as well as your browsing history with anyone, including your own internet service provider as well as any government agency.
  • Remove Geo-Targeted Restrictions: One of the biggest appeals of using a VPN anywhere in the world is the ability to bypass certain geo-targeted blocks, limitations, and restrictions that have been set in place. If you are in Singapore and attempting to watch a Canadian or American show, you may find it difficult to stream the media in some locations, depending on where you are as well as rules and laws in your area. Once you have an active VPN, you can quickly, easily, and securely remove all geo-targeted restrictions and blocks from anywhere in the world. Unlocking geo-restricted websites, media, and content provides you with virtually unlimited access to the internet from any location.
  • Minimize Risk: If you are looking for ways to minimize your own risk of becoming a target of a hacker or cybercrime theft, consider using a VPN in Singapore, even if you are a full-time resident or citizen yourself. One of the best ways you can protect yourself online in Singapore and in any country around the world is to use a trusted and reliable VPN solution. With a VPN in place any time you are online, avoid sharing potentially revealing, personal, or sensitive informaiton with nefarious individuals and those who are looking for easy targets that they can steal from or scam.

Finding the Right VPN

Finding a VPN for you should first begin by determining your budget as well as the features you are most interested in using a VPN for yourself. Research and compare VPN providers that you are thinking of using to discover which solution is optimal for your browsing and streaming needs. It is also important to avoid using free VPN services, as they are not often as reliable and do not provide uptime guarantees for their customers and clients. When searching for a VPN, consider the following factors before finalizing your decision and implementing a VPN on your own computer or preferred electronic device.

  • Pricing: Premium VPN services typically cost just a few dollars a month, ranging from $.99 a month to more than $10/mo, depending on the service, its location, and the features and/or uptime guarantee they provide.
  • Location: Finding a VPN service that is available in Singpore is essential if you are living in Singapore or if you are simply just visiting. If your preferred VPN does not provide IP addresses or support for your current location, you will likely need to seek an alternative.
  • Features: Are you interested in a VPN so you can unlock streaming content internationally, or are you looking for high-speed private and secure connections for businesss purposes in Singapore. Before selecting the VPN that is most suitable for you, be sure to compare features and functions of the VPNs you are considering to find your best option.

Cybercrime is not victimless, and impacts millions of individuals and households each year, costing billions in some countries and regions around the globe. Whether you are a current resident of Singapore or if you are visiting Singapore on business or for pleasure, taking precautions and careful measures to protect yourself online at all times is a must. With the right security measures and a premium VPN solution that is accessible and affordable, maintain your peace of mind whenever you are online and in Singapore.


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