IKEA brings Swedish crayfish party fun to Bangkok

To celebrate Swedish roots, IKEA Bangna is holding the first Swedish Crayfish Party on Friday August 16. The party will take place from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

“We’re pleased to host our first Swedish crayfish party in Thailand. The party is a very popular Swedish tradition that involves friends, family and neighbours coming together to eat lots of fresh crayfish on warm summer nights in August,” said Lacia Sherlock, Store Manager, IKEA Bangna.

To enhance the happy vibe, the IKEA Restaurant will be decked out with party tables, chairs, many decorations, party hats. Besides delicious fresh crayfish flown in from Sweden, guests can also enjoy a big buffet of Swedish dishes including Meatball, Pasta with tomato sauce, Salmon roll, Fresh salad, Soup, Crisp bread, Soft roll with lingonberry jam and  Swedish cakes.

Party ticket is THB 500 per adult and THB 250 for IKEA Family (permanent card holder only). For children aged between four and 12, it’s THB 100 per person. And it’s free of charge for children under four.

Tickets are pre-sold at IKEA Restaurant from Aug 1 onwards.

For more information, call +662-708-7999 ext. 7301

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3 Comments on “IKEA brings Swedish crayfish party fun to Bangkok”

  1. Come on. There must be some snaps. Otherwise it makes no sense to sing “snaps visor” that is tradtion for a crayfish party.

  2. I don’t think IKEA will allow booze there in such a family oriented environment.
    Too many scando’s will derail anyway if there is snaps served.

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