IKEA recalls children’s bed canopies for strangulation risk

IKEA recalls a bed canopy from IKEA intended to be draped around children’s cots/beds to stop using it with infants and small children and asks customers to bring it back to the IKEA store for a full refund.

The affected bed canopies are: LEGENDARISK, MINNEN bed Canopy set, BARNSLIG BOLL, MINNEN BRODYR, HIMMEL, FABLER, TISSLA and KLÄMMIG.ikearecalls

IKEA has identified a potential strangulation hazard associated with these products. IKEA has received reports of entanglement when net is pulled into the cots/beds and entangled around infant’s necks. No permanent injury has been reported. There were no cases reported from Thailand.

The affected bed canopies from IKEA have been sold on all IKEA markets since 1996.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however safety is always a top priority for IKEA.

For more information, please contact IKEA Customer service at +66 2 708 7999 ext. 4004

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