IKEA recalls two types of junior beds

IKEA is issuing a repair kit for some of its Kritter and Sniglar junior beds due to a laceration hazard.

The furniture retailer said it has received seven reports of breakage of the metal rod connecting the guardrail to the bed frame. A broken rod could expose sharp metal edges, which pose the risk of cuts.
IKEA Singapore said that so far, there have been no reports of any injuries caused by the breakage of the metal rod.

Those who have a Kritter or Sniglar junior bed are advised to immediately check the date stamp on the label attached to either the headboard or the underside of the bed. Only Kritter junior beds with a date stamp from 1114 to 1322 and Smiglar junior beds with a date stamp from 1114 to 1318 are affected.
Customers with an affected product can return, exchange or get it repaired without any charges, The Daily News reported

The beds have been sold in 17 countries, including Thailand and Singapore.



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