Inspiration from Scandinavia: GH Bank will roll out new mobile app

With the almost cash-free Scandinavian countries as their role model, Government Housing Bank in Thailand will launch a mobile app and other digital services that will make it easier to pay without cash, writes Bangkok Post.

Cash has become a rare thing in Scandinavia, where credit card payments and mobile transactions are an option in almost every shop. The trend has developed gradually across Asia and soon GH Bank will offer digital options to their customers.

“The service is part of the company’s shift from cash-based operations to digital services,” says chief executive Chatchai Sirilai.

According to Chatchai Sirilai, GH Bank will roll out the app and other digital services as QR payments this quarter.

The app is inspired by Nordic apps as Auka in Norway and Mobile Pay it Denmark that make it possible to transfer money digitally.

GH Bank will develop the app itself and it will include features like monthly payments, digital deposits and withdrawals and loan applications.

GH Bank hopes the new digital options will reduce heavy traffic at their service branches.


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