International Pet Shipping is a global pet travel logistics company. One of the very few trustworthy companies to offer support with international pet shipping.  They offer VIP door to door pet shipping from/to all international airports.

How can I take my pets on an international flight?

If you are planning to move overseas or return to Scandinavia with your pet, you need to check with your airlines about their policies relating to transporting live animals. Usually, there are three ways by which your pet can travel internationally in an aircraft,

  1. You can travel with your pet on the same flight either in-cabin or in the cargo hold. Your pet will come as excess baggage, and you will have to pay the charges accordingly.
  2. You can let your pet travel alone as cargo, and you will have to pay the charges for the cargo, which is higher than the fees for excess baggage.
  3. Your pet can travel in a licensed commercial shipper, where you will have to pay the charges for cargo as well as the shipper fee. In cases of transporting big-sized pets that don’t fit into the cabin, this travel method works best.

Tips for pet shipping

Having your pet travel in the cargo hold can be a nerve-wracking experience. Our international pet travel in Los Angeles recommends several tips to ensure the safe and comfortable journey of your pets:

  • Have your veterinarian check your dog’s ability to fly and ensure that your dog is not too old to suffer in the difficult conditions of the cargo hold
  • Double-check with the airlines about what species and breeds they allow for travel
  • Question them on the climate-controlled and temperature maintained in the cargo hold
  • Make sure to find out if the cargo hold is a pet-friendly space with no sharp objects or harmful substances in the area for live animals.
  • Choose direct routed flights – If there is a layover, make sure it is short and if whether the airlines have a kennel for the dogs to get their food and water during layovers
  • Ensure to microchip your pet before travel
  • Arrange for a sturdy leash and dog collar with your contact information
  • Buy a crate for your pet’s travel that will give him the space to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around.

How can you prepare your pet during air travel?

Start crate training your pet at least a week before your travel and train it to remain calm and relaxed in a crate for at least 6-8 hours during the training sessions. Make sure you leave in your pet’s crate some of the toys that he loves to play with to keep him occupied during travel.

Take your dog for a long pleasant walk on the morning of the travel day and give it its favorite food in order to keep it relaxed and in a better mood for the travel. SCApet understand animals better than anybody. To know more about international pet shipping visit:

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