Investigative Journalism Workshop in Hanoi

Yesterday, March 31 ,a workshop on investigative journalism was held in Hanoi. The workshop, which is the first international workshop on investigative journalism and undercover reporting to be held in Vietnam, was supported by the Embassy of Denmark. In his opening speech Danish Ambassador John Nielsen said: “During my more than three years in Vietnam, I have seen the gradual improvement of the Vietnamese media. However, there is still a need to for Vietnamese journalists and media to improve professional training in order to confront the challenges that Vietnam face as part of its rapid integration in the world economy and in the society at large. Denmark is supporting the Centre for Media and Development Initiatives, MDI, to provide training of high standard and up-to-date journalism skills to Vietnamese journalists, because we believe that a professional media is essential to modern society”.


More than 200 journalists, students and government officials participated in the workshop which took place at the Academy of Journalism and Communication. A second conference will take place in Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow Wednesday.

Words and photo: Danish Embassy, Hanoi

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