KOL marketing works according to SwedCham China talk

In this digital age, the traditionals of marketing are heavily shifting. The younger generation aren’t as prone to blindly accept the newest commercial on TV or the largest billboard in the city center. More and more people are being drawn to the practices of KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) marketing.

Photo: SwedCham China

That’s the case according to Elijah Whaley, Chief Marketing Officer at the marketing company Parklu.

The basics of KOL marketing is basically to exploit the youths use of social media, especially those such as Instagram and Snapchat.

To gain a growth in this area, companies must find an ‘influencer’ – a person that a certain group of people look to for advice and inspiration. These influencers can be bought to advertise a certain product from a company.

“OMG, I just got the best day cream from this completely unknown company, I just love it.”

And then ‘BOOM!’, you’re off.

This technique is especially useful in China where 70% of the people born after 1995 prefer to buy their products directly from social media, according to the breakfast Sharp Talk at Sureno Restaurant in Sanlitun.

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