Learn Norwegian language, culture in Norway

Norgesskolen is an opportunity for children ages 9 to 18 from around the world to live in Norway for three weeks, nor_all_norwegianbetween July 13th and August 1st. Students will receive Norwegian language coursing, social studies and history in the picturesque setting of Tomb, Råde. Norgesskolen participants will also enjoy exciting and unique indoor and outdoor activities and field trips, expanding their knowledge of the Norwegian culture and scenery.

Source: Norgesskolen

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  1. DearSir, Madam,
    In reference to this announcement of Norgesskolen are inviting children to learn the culture and learn the language, we are very interested tat our son Allan Sarasin Rubio participate of this great opportunity.
    May I kindly ask you what s e procedure to follow and which person is handling this request.
    We are living in Bangkok, Thailand.
    Thank you for your kind attention and look forward to hearsing from you soon.
    Kind regards,
    Andres Rubio
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