Legoland ready to build amusement parks in China

Photo: S M Lee @ WikiCommons
Photo: S M Lee @ WikiCommons

The owner of Legoland, Merlin Entertainments, wants to build up to 5 LEGO themed amusement parks in China.

The Legoland parks get a lot of the honor for Merlin Entertainments 15 percent revenue growth, and according to Danish news site EPN, Merlin Entertainment plans to open at least one new Legoland every third year, possibly even faster.

“We are focusing on Asia. We think there is room for a Legoland in Korea and 3 maybe 5 in China,” CEO of Merlin Entertainments, Nick Varney tells EPN.

The LEGO Movie that was released earlier this year has several times been named as one of the main reasons for LEGO’s current revenue growth, and in the 6 Legoland’s they see the same effect.

“The film has increased the revenue in Legoland parks and the sale of LEGO. It is obviously very satisfying and we are happy to hear that more LEGO movies are on their way,” Nick Varney tells EPN.

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