Lightening delays Swedish fighter jet delivery to Thailand

While flying over India on its way from Sweden one of the jets set to arrive in Thailand on September 4 was struck by lightening.

The delivery of three Gripen fighter jets purchased by the Thai air force was delayed after one of the jets were struck by lightening on the route from Sweden to Thailand, Bangkok Post reported.

No one was injured in the incident, but the accident caused minor damage to an electronic system, Air Force spokesman AVM Monthon Satchukorn said Wednesday. When the three jets landed at an Indian airport because they had to refuel technicians also took the opportunity to check the lightening hit jet and change some parts.


Monthon said the delivery of three jets, which is the last batch of the total of 12 Gripen jets the Air Force has purchased from Sweden and previously slated for delivery on Tuesday, was the responsibility of Sweden.

Sweden would therefore fix the jet before giving it to the Thai air force, he explained adding that, once the jets arrive at Wing 7 in Surat Thani, the mechanics would check them again before the air force would use them.


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  1. So now it is proven that The Jas Gripen is safe and can even handle situations like this.So congrats for Swedish technology and wise Thais to purchase them.A Win Win deal!

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