The longest sled dog race in Europe – Live!

Finnmarksløpet, the longest sled dog race in Europe, takes place on Saturday, March 8.

The race starts from Alta centrum in the Finnmark county, Norway. NRK broadcasts with official opening, speaker, music and thousands of audience in Altas main street for both classes. The start begins at 11.00. First up is the 8-dog class, then 14-dog class.


Finnmarksløpet was first arranged in 1981 with only three mushers participating. At that time the interest for dogsled racing was very narrow. In 2001 Finnmarksløpet AS was created as a company with one employee.  From then on the race has been more professional an commercial, from being a rather small sports arrangement to becoming the biggest sports and cultural arrangements in this part of the country.
In 2013, 129 mushers from 13 different nations participated, separated by the two different distances.

Finnmarksløpet has since then become a very solid an well known brand, both as an arrangement and a symbol of  Finnmark united in a festival.

Since 2009 NRK has aired daily from the race,  making the interest among Norwegians explode.

Click here for more info on the race and live-stream link


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