Major Swedish businesses to visit Vietnam

The Swedish Ambassador in Vietnam, Pereric Hogberg, announced to Vietnamese chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung, that several major Swedish businesses are planning to visit Vietnam in May.

Ambassador Pereric Hogberg

The goal of the visit is to offer assistance in developing Hanoi in terms of public transportation, smart city trends and sustainable growth – something Sweden has been trained in for a long time.

But the visit was also meant for the Vietnamese authorities to assist in the visit, ensuring that the representatives for the businesses spend the time in Vietnam accordingly.

The Chairman thanked Pereric Hogberg and assured the Ambassador that he will work with the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam to realize plans, programmes and seminars on public transport.

The public transportation part is crucial for related companies at the moment since Hanoi is looking to revise the city’s infrastructure. Specifically they are looking for buses importen from Europe, especially buses from Volvo-group in the hopes of turning the people of Hanoi into using public transportation more often.

In 2019 the two countries can celebrate the 50th anniversary on diplomatic relations

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