Malaysia debut for Fundedbyme: Muslim matchmaking service


The Swedish crowdfunding platform has marked its arrival to Malaysia with a ‘Bang!’ after landing its first campaign ever there within just 36 hours, facilitating crowd investment into an online Muslim matchmaking service!

Back in June 2015 FundedByMe was the only European portal to be issued an equity crowdfunding license by The Securities Commission in Malaysia, allowing Scandinavia’s leading crowdfunding platform to operate in Malaysia.

In May 2016 the platform confirmed commencement of operations in the region with the first crowdfunding company from Malaysia, Halal Speed Dating. This campaign, a matchmaking site for Muslim users, raised 100% in less than two days and is still accepting investments, currently trending at 119%.

Very important early data shows that more than 35% of the investors in the campaign reside in other regions than Asia with more than 45% of the total investors from outside Malaysia. With 164 million single Muslims in the world the company is well positioned to take a considerable part of this market and change the traditional way of dating.

“FundedByMe is the fastest growing crowdfunding portal in Scandinavia and we are leading in Europe on cross-border investments,” says CEO and co-founder Daniel Daboczy. “We are proud to see that this global concept with Scandinavian roots can help great campaigns worldwide obtain global deal flow.”

FundedByMe also opened a crowdfunding of it’s own recently and after just seven days more than 180 investors have already committed to invest more than €700,000.00, wishing to own a share of Sweden’s financial future.

FundedByMe is one of a few full-service crowdfunding platforms offering capital through equity and loans. In the past years, some 447 companies from 25 different countries have been successfully funded with more than €20 million. The member base is a rapidly expanding network of more than 66,000 investors from over 177 countries around the world. FundedByMe headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, with a local presence in countries throughout Europe, Singapore and Malaysia.

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