Malaysian theatre collective crowdfunds money to perform in Sweden

The Malaysian Terra Theatre Collective is relying on crowdfunding to raise money to attend the 2024 Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) in Sweden. A reworked version of the award-winning play Symbiocene was selected to attend the festival and the funded money will cover the theatre production and travel costs.

The crowdfunding aims at raising RM 35,000, which equates to around US$ 7,500. The playwright-director Lim Sheng Hui told media, that the theatre crew is very excited for the opportunity to share the collective’s work internationally. Furthermore, she underlined that all the funded money will directly support the production and travel costs in Sweden.

“For many of us, it’s our first time having the opportunity to travel abroad to perform at a fringe festival, so we feel very grateful and humbled. It’s also wonderful to expand the original production of Symbiocene into something better,” Lim Sheng Hui said.

The reworked play has the title Into The Symbiocene and it is a 60-minute physical theatre performance that highlights threats to Malaysian rainforests, while also addressing the future of the climate crisis.

The group is accepting donations based on a five-step tiered system. All of the tiers have its own perks, which includes having your name on a poster, a social media shout-out or a masterclass with the production’s award-winning set designer Liew Chee Heai and even getting the chance to watch a preview of the play.

The crowdfunding campaign runs until July 8 and the STOFF festival will be held in Stockholm from 26 August to 1 September.

Source: The Star

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