Many joined Scandinavian Christmas Service in Bangkok


The number of Nordic people who joined this year’s Scandinavian Christmas Service in Bangkok was more than last year and but there were still seats available for a few more in Christ Church on Convent road, where this special service has taken place since the second world war.

What makes it so popular is the reading of the gospel in the four Scandinavian languages by prominent people in each of the four communities – the fourth being Icelandic, since the Finnish Church has its own service straight after the Scandinavian. The Icelandic text was read by Palli Steinarsson, the Danish by Consul Birgit Sarah Kondrup-Palmqvist, the Norwegian by Rikke Marline Steensby and the Swedish by Ambassador Staffan Herrstrom.

The Vicar Lars Ryderstad with assistance from Maria and Bjorn Wennerstrom guided smoothly the whole event which included also a Prelude by Siegfried Thom and solo songs by Vanessa Bekassy de Bekas.

After the service, Scandinavian Society Siam served a glass and a bite outside on the “kyrkbacka” as the Swedes like to call the parking lot outside the Church. All very traditional and meaningful with friends meeting and greeting each other with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All photos below by Claus Gundersen.



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