MDBC releases Covid-19 update for foreigners in Malaysia

On 10 June 2021, the Malaysian Danish Business Council (MDBC) released an update on the Covid-19 situation, which read:

Dear Members,

Some very good news!

Following tireless lobbying by our EU Chamber CEO Sven Schneider on behalf of the bilateral European national chambers and not the least on basis of the very compelling stories shared from our end with the challenges experienced by individuals, putting life in Malaysia to the test for families and businesses, the National Security Council and the Prime Minister have moved decisively with official rules effective this morning.

The guidelines are available for download on here and on the Expatriates Services Division here.

I believe this will help to resolve the challenges I have heard of to date and the challenges I have personally experienced in my family.

Please review these new guidelines and take action as needed and should you for some reason still have problems, please let me know.

Stay safe!

Best Regards,

Allan Jensen,
Chairman of Malaysian Danish Business Council

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