Midsummer’s eve in Ambassador’s garden

Danish Women’s Network arranges for the annual Midsummer’s eve celebration on June 7, at the Ambassador’s garden.

Everyone is invited to bring family and friends for hotdogs, potato salad, and the traditional bonfire where the witches gets send to Bloksbjerg.

The Ambassador will give a small bonfire speech, and there will be some games for the children as well.


The Admirals Pub and Restaurant has offered to help serving hotdogs and Danish meatballs, while Carslberg generously provides with beer and soft drinks.

Click here for more details about the event


Den Danske Ambassades have
(10 Sathorn Soi 1, South Sathorn Road)

Price: Adults 500 Bath.
Children (2-12 yr) 350 Bath.

Binding registration to: [email protected]
Deadline for registration: 3. juni 2014



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