Miss Grand Norway prepares for the Miss Grand International Finalshow 2015 in Bangkok

If you thought a beautiful face was enough to participate in a beauty contest, you were wrong.

“Miss Grand International is not for soft girls.. This is tough,” says Sonia Singh, the Miss Grand Norway 2015.


She arrived in Bangkok on 5 October 2015 together with 79 beautiful women to start begin training and beauty pageant duties before the Grand Finalshow on 25 October 2015. Their days until the show are full packed with offical meetings, dance lessons, formal visits, explorations, catwalk training, and much, much more. They leave their apartments in Bangkok 8 in the morning and return back at 9 or 10pm.

“But it’s all worth it!” Sonia Singh confesses.

The 24-year old Norwegian girl was thrilled when she was informed the Miss Grand International 2015 would take place in Bangkok. This is her first time in Thailand, and Sonia Singh feels it is a huge blessing to be here.

“I now understand why they call it ”The Land of Smiles”. I now understand why Thailand is the favorite holiday destination to us Norwegians. Thai people are so warm and so kind, and you cannot help but wearing a huge smile on your face and feel so welcomed here. I love Thailand,” she says.

The love is returned from the Thais, and they are just as excited about the contestants of Miss Grand International beauty pageant as the girls are filled with enthusiasm to meet them. Regardless of the many working hours and missing sleeping hours, the girls cannot and will not show any sign of tiredness when they meet their fans, members of events, or curious people asking to take a photo with them.

“We have to show them all respect. Often when we arrive at a meeting or an event people have been waiting for us, some have bought flowers or presents for us and are so happy to finally meet us. Of course they deserve our full attention, and even if we are tired their positive and excited energy give us energy as well. It bears even more happiness and energy,” Sonia Singh says.

A typical day for a Miss Grand-contestant begins early morning. As mentioned, they leave their apartments 8am and attends different formal events, ceremonies, meetings, and seminars where they promote their campaign STOP THE WAR AND VIOLENCE. They are also having intense dance lessons, because the finalshow will consist of 2 dance performances and also an opening show performance. Every dance step has to be perfectly correct before 25 October 2015. The girls are also being trained in the catwalk show, which consists of line ups, bikini catwalk, evening gown catwalk, and interview line up.
On the side of all this, they are also doing interviews to different media, updating their fanpages, having pictures taking, staying in touch with their families back at home. For those who has not sponspors, a lot of preparation work of getting the right make up, having manicure and pedicure done, choosing the right hair style, finding the perfect outfits for the show are also to be done.

Sonia Singh remember she fell asleep with her training clothes on. Fitness sessions is not included in the scheduled days, so this is something the girls must do in their ”sparetime”, or rather: between 10pm to 8am.

“Miss Grand International is one of the toughest competitions, and you have to devote yourself 100% to it,” Sonia Singh tells.

Unlike her Asian and non-Europe pageant sisters she has no sponsor, which has been another challenge for Sonia Singh to handle. But even if the task is timewise and economic, her determination to this competition is strong, and so is her actions.

“Outside Scandinavia beauty competitions are considered to be one of the most prestigious events. Here the girls are prepared with training and offered sponsor gifts, and most of the dresses are sponsored as well.”


Fortunately, Sonia Singh has been doing her work well and has found her gown for the Miss Grand International 2015.

There will be a Prelimenary Contest on 23 October 2015, where Sonia Singh alias Miss Grand Norway will compete against 77 other nations to continue into the big finalshow, which will be held at the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok on 25 October 2015.

norway1 soniesing

The acknowledged international beauty contest will award one of these beautiful women with the title of ‘The Miss Grand International 2015’. Meanwhile, other titles as Miss Popular Vote, Best Social Media, Best in Swimsuit, and of course 1st-4th runner up are being giving on 25 October 2015.

We send our best wishes to Sonia Singh and wish good luck for all the girls!


All the photos are kindly sent from Sonia Singh.

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