All missing Danes found in typhoon-ravaged Philippines

UPDATE: All missing Danes now accounted for in the Philippines

The Foreign Ministry has reason to believe that the remaining missing three Danes are on three separate islandsfippines

UPDATE, 12:31: According to Denmark’s Foreign Ministry, the three remaining Danes that were unaccounted for in the Philippines have now been found. The Danish consulate in Manilla successfully made contact with the remaining three last night and all three are reported as being in good health.

Earlier, the ministry reported that most of the Danes who have gone missing since Typhoon Haiyan decimated the Philippines on November 8 have been found, according to the Foreign Ministry, but the last three still remain unaccounted for.

About 1,000 Danes live in the Philippines and 200 of those live in the area ravaged by Haiyan.

Source: Copenhagen Post

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