More Asian clients to Danish bank

The Danish bank Jyske Bank Gibraltar is experiencing an increasing inflow of new clients residing in Asia.

Photo: Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank Gibraltar, a branch of the Danish bank Jyske Bank, is experiencing a growth in numbers of Asian clients.

“At the moment, we typically see two types of clients in Asia. One group consists of Europeans stationed in Asia, who seek a flexible and personal bank that can service them no matter where they are in the world. The other group is comprised of clients who reside permanently in Asia, looking for a solid, Western bank that can offer personal and holistic advice,” explains Axel Sauer, Senior Relationship Manager, Jyske Bank Gibraltar.

The branch has a team that focuses only on clients in Asia, and they visit clients in major Asian cities several times a year.

According to Jyske Bank Gibraltar, the combination of Asia and Europe is very appealing to the group of clients, typically consisting of Europeans who have made their careers in Asia and are permanently settled there.

Jyske Bank is the third largest bank in Denmark and has international branches across Europe. Since 1987, Jyske Bank Gibraltar has served private banking clients from all over the world.

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