More Danes come for dental checks in Thailand

Thailand’s dental industry has seen an increasing number of Danes coming for dental care and treatments because of its reasonable price, convenience and high quality.
“We are experiencing gradually more people who ask for dental care in Thailand. They have often heard from friends that it is cheaper than at home, and that the Thai work is of high quality,” says Karuna Hellström from Tourism Authority of Thailand in Stockholm. “They ask, in particular, about the price where they can find a dentist, how the quality is, and how long it takes.”

Easy and inexpensive
It is considerably cheaper to get sorted teeth in Thailand than it is at home. Attaching a crown costs around 8000 Baht, which corresponds to approximately 1500 DKK. In Denmark, costing of the same treatment often range from DKK 5000 and up.

“A visit to a Thai dentist can save people a lot of money. Often, they can save half or two-thirds of the bill in relation to a dental home. So there will be a little more for the holidays,” says Nalinee Pananon, chief of the Tourist Authority of Northern Thailand.

According to the Ekstra Bladet, concerns among customers are whether the Thai dental care is up to par with the international standard, and if they will have problems communicating with the doctors.

But the problems have been resolved in Thailand – several clinics now have been internationally accepted and dentists have six year programs and has often specialized in foreign countries. Most speak therefore good English, but many places customers can still get an English-speaking counselor at your initial consultation.

Many tourists are surprised at how quickly they can get to by dentists in Thailand, says Pananon.

“You can just go to a clinic without having booked time, and there is virtually no waiting for a dental examination. Usually you can get treatments such as fillings or bridges very next day,” she added.

“With the rapid treatments may clinic guests quickly get back for the holidays and enjoy everything else Thailand has to offer.”

The warning
However, Dental Association in Denmark has stated its concerns to Danes who are considering dentistry abroad.

“You lose the consistency of the treatment, which is achieved by going with the same dentist over time. You should also be aware that you can not complain or seek redress in Denmark over a treatment carried out abroad,” said Claus Jørgensen, communications manager at Dental Association

“Additionally, you should be aware that many treatments get the best results with follow-ups and minor adjustments. If there is a need for such adjustments, it can be inconvenient to have to take a trip to the dentist abroad again.”

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