New air route to Helsinki ushers in illegal immigration from Vietnam

In the past month, the Finnish Border Guard has apprehended over 20 illegal immigrants from Vietnam at Helsinki Airport. Organised crime is suspected in the cases.


The cases have emerged in conjunction with the opening of a new air route from Vietnam. The first illegal aliens were caught at the start of July. Some of the Vietnamese arrived in Finland without any travel documents, while others tried to get into the country by using a passport not belonging to themselves. According to the Border Guard, the illegal immigration is part of a larger, Europe-wide phenomenon. The authorities were prepared for something like this with the opening of the air route to Helsinki.

In their press release, the Border Guard say persons have been apprehended who are suspected of illegally trafficking immigrants to Finland. As such, organized crime may be involved. A police investigation into the matter suggests that the aliens were on route from Finland to other European countries.

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